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MIE Facilities

The MIE Building is located in Auburn, Washington, a suburb of Seattle. It shares the facility with MIE Corporation.
Maserati enthusiasts are welcome. We just ask that you call and let us know you will be visiting. More photos of the warehouse will be available as soon as set-up from the move is complete. 
Spare Parts for all the Maserati GT and Biturbo cars can be found within the confines of Auburn, Washington facility. These photographs should help give you an idea of the comprehensive inventory that MIE Corporation has built throughout its 30 years. Wheels, wheels, wheels, both 16" and 17" OZ and Speed Line.
Parts as far as the eye can see! From chrome strips to door handles to gaskets to fenders - all spare parts are highly organized and referenced to help assure that owners get the right part the first time.
Maserati Engines & Transmissions. An extensive inventory of all Maserati engines and transmissions are available to part out or ready to ship complete.
Maserati Parts. Maserati Parts for today and tommorow. MIE saves one of each lens for the day when they are "no longer available." Although it takes a substantial investment, lens can be reproduced in limited quantities for the future.
Maserati Body Panels. Sheet metal panels for all GT and Biturbo cars are inventoried and ready to ship. Many good used front and rear clips, door assemblies and rare body panels are also available.